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What’s in the name

Remember..  remember..

Acropolis File Services (AFS) is now Nutanix Files™
Acropolis Block Services (ABS) is now Nutanix Volumes™
Object Storage Services is now Nutanix Buckets™
Xi Cloud DR services is now Leap™

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AHV: Moving VMs to another containers Nutanix

Step 1: Determine the vmdisk_uuid of each virtual disk on the VM to be moved.

You can use the acli vm.disk_get VMNAME command to list the disks along with their vmdisk_uuid. Ex:
nutanix@cvm$ acli vm.disk_get win2012
addr {
bus: “ide”
index: 0
cdrom: true
empty: true
           addr {
bus: “scsi”
index: 0
vmdisk_uuid: “9365b2eb-a3fd-45ee-b9e5-64b87f64a2df”
container_id: 10161695

vmdisk_size: 53687091200

Step 2: Use the Acropolis Image Service to convert the source virtual disk(s) into image(s) on the target container.

Use the container= option to specify the desired target container name.
nutanix@cvm$ acli image.create win-2012-imgsource_url=nfs://
container=ContainerB image_type=kDiskImage
ImageCreate: pending
ImageCreate: complete

Step 3: Create a new VM and attach disks cloning from the image(s) created in Step 2.

From the Prism WebUI.

User-added image

Power on the VM only after powering off the old VM to avoid any IP address conflicts.

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Nutanix transition guideline from NX -G5 platform to -G6 platform

Question : What are the transition guideline from NX -G5 platform to -G6 platform?


G5 Platform G6 Platform
NX-1000 NX-1065-G5 NX-1065-G6
NX-1065S-G5 NX-1175S-G5

G6 is planned for FQ2’19 (ETA: Nov/Dec 2019)

NX-1155-G5 NX-8155-G6

(Foundation as one Node)

WIP: JIRA ENG-144866

Target Release: Foundation 4.2

NX-3000 NX-3060-G5 NX-3060-G6
NX-3175-G5 NX-3170-G6
NX-3155G-G5 NX-3155G-G6
NX-6000 NX-6155-G5 NX-8155-G6
NX-6035C-G5 NX-8035-G6

(Any G6 nodes can be a storage only node with Foundation 4.1)

NX-6035-G5 NX-8035-G6
NX-8000 NX-8035-G5
NX-8155-G5 NX-8155-G6
NX-9000 NX-9030-G5 NVMe NX-3060-G6 NVMe

NX-8035-G6 NVMe

NX-3170-G6 NVMe

NX-8155-G6 NVMe


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Recommendation on Firewall Ports Config Nutanix

Following is the list of firewall ports that must be kept open to successfully access the Nutanix cluster.

  • Prism web console: 9440, 80
  • SSH to both CVM and Hypervisor: 22
  • Cluster remote support: 80, 8443
  • vCenter remote console: 443, 902, 903 from both the user host and vCenter
  • vCenter from Prism web console: 443, 80
  • Citrix MCS: virtual IP, Port  9440 (TCP)

Following is the list of ports that must be kept open for the 1-Click upgrade.

  • *.compute-*,443
  • and s3*.amazonaws.comThe target address depends on the downloaded AOS version. You can only access through port 443.

Note: 1-Click Upgrade for AOS, DiskFW, and NCC contacts a MongoDB metadata server ( through the NutanixPortal to determine what loads are available as compared to the cluster. If loads are available, they appear in the UI as available and compatible and are used to upgrade the cluster. The metadata URL points to Amazon S3, where the actual bits are stored and which load balances with a broad range of IP addresses behind it are randomly selected with each new attempt to download. So, no other way is available to create a port-specific rule.

If the blocks are behind a firewall with no internet access, the BIN and JSON files need to be downloaded, and then uploaded to Prism for a manual update or upgrade.

Following is the list of ports that must be kept open for the IPMI Remote console.

  • HTTP: 80 (TCP)
  • HTTPS: 443 (TCP)
  • IPMI: 623 (UDP)
  • Remote console: 5900 (TCP)
  • Virtual media: 623 (TCP)
  • SMASH: 22 (TCP)
  • WS-MAN: 8889 (TCP)
  • Putty/ssh to virtual media: 5120 (TCP)
  • KVM Console: 2937 (TCP)
  • Remote Console (KVM over IP): 5900 (TCP)
  • Video (Remote Con): 5901 (TCP)
  • CD (Remote Con): 5120 (TCP)
  • Floppy (Remote Con): 5123 (TCP)

Note: This KB lists the basic ports required to access the cluster without any issues.