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AHV: Moving VMs to another containers Nutanix

Step 1: Determine the vmdisk_uuid of each virtual disk on the VM to be moved.

You can use the acli vm.disk_get VMNAME command to list the disks along with their vmdisk_uuid. Ex:
nutanix@cvm$ acli vm.disk_get win2012
addr {
bus: “ide”
index: 0
cdrom: true
empty: true
           addr {
bus: “scsi”
index: 0
vmdisk_uuid: “9365b2eb-a3fd-45ee-b9e5-64b87f64a2df”
container_id: 10161695

vmdisk_size: 53687091200

Step 2: Use the Acropolis Image Service to convert the source virtual disk(s) into image(s) on the target container.

Use the container= option to specify the desired target container name.
nutanix@cvm$ acli image.create win-2012-imgsource_url=nfs://
container=ContainerB image_type=kDiskImage
ImageCreate: pending
ImageCreate: complete

Step 3: Create a new VM and attach disks cloning from the image(s) created in Step 2.

From the Prism WebUI.

User-added image

Power on the VM only after powering off the old VM to avoid any IP address conflicts.