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Nutanix transition guideline from NX -G5 platform to -G6 platform

Question : What are the transition guideline from NX -G5 platform to -G6 platform?


G5 Platform G6 Platform
NX-1000 NX-1065-G5 NX-1065-G6
NX-1065S-G5 NX-1175S-G5

G6 is planned for FQ2’19 (ETA: Nov/Dec 2019)

NX-1155-G5 NX-8155-G6

(Foundation as one Node)

WIP: JIRA ENG-144866

Target Release: Foundation 4.2

NX-3000 NX-3060-G5 NX-3060-G6
NX-3175-G5 NX-3170-G6
NX-3155G-G5 NX-3155G-G6
NX-6000 NX-6155-G5 NX-8155-G6
NX-6035C-G5 NX-8035-G6

(Any G6 nodes can be a storage only node with Foundation 4.1)

NX-6035-G5 NX-8035-G6
NX-8000 NX-8035-G5
NX-8155-G5 NX-8155-G6
NX-9000 NX-9030-G5 NVMe NX-3060-G6 NVMe

NX-8035-G6 NVMe

NX-3170-G6 NVMe

NX-8155-G6 NVMe